Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Movin' On

Live from New Digs Guitar Shoppe, High Lonesome, NM... this just in. I have electricity, I have humidity, I have music, I have 3 major work benches and 2 smaller ones and I'm IN!  It's been a week since we put the building on the ground, so I guess that's not bad.  It's comfortable out here.  I've got a great view, music, and with windows cracked and my portable swamp cooler running, it's cool. 

Here's the main shop area. That's my neck reset station center-left.  I'll be adding shelves to it ASAP.
Two parallel benches.  I'll probably use the right one for electrics
The T-bench will be my main fretting station
Power tools. 

The shipping station.  Gotta get some blinds on this window.

The Boy's Corner.  That's my portable swamp cooler.
It's holding humidity well and I'm happy about that.  All that's left to do now is skirt the building.  I have some T1-11 I've been saving for years that I'll use for that purpose.  It needs to be painted and then I'll use Z-flashing on top and bury it a couple of inches to keep mice out.  But, no big rush on that...Alright!!!  Time to get to work!!

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